Preparing Your Home For A Real Estate Photographer

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The majority of home buyers begin their hunt for homes online, so it is key to make the first impression count. Your photos will be seen by a multitude of online customers, so making your listing stand out is crucial. Hiring a professional photographer is one of the best things you can do to make your listing shine. Below are some tips to follow to prepare your home to be photo shoot ready.

General Guidelines

    Tips For All Features Of The Home

    In addition to the information that I am going to provide about specific areas of your home, there are also general guidelines that need to be thought about. Following these general guidelines will help to make certain that your listing photos turn out alluring, increasing the likelihood that you will be able to sell your home more quickly. The more you do to prepare your home, the better the pictures your photographer will get. Photographers can only do so much with a house that is not prepared for a shoot. As you are preparing your home for the shoot, you want to make each area look clean and simple. Keep the furnishings and decor somewhat generic, but in style at the same time.

    First Impressions Matter

      The first view a person will get is when they are standing in the doorway, so keep that in mind when you or your stager is arranging each room. As soon as the viewer walks in the door, you want to leave a lasting impression on them. You will want to consider that your photographer will be taking photos from the doorway. Because of this, you will want to think about how you place the furniture to correspond with the window and doorways.

      Less Is More

        They always say, less is more. It is best to get rid of clutter in any room, because a clean room is going to catch a buyer’s eye. You want to create a fashionable, but generic room. You want your viewer to picture themselves living in it. Remove any personal photographs, knick knacks off of the wall, so the buyer can imagine their own personal belongings in the home. Eliminating any clutter or distractions is crucial.

        Get Rid Of The Dirt

          You need more than a quick wipe down of the house. It is very important that are areas of every room are deep-cleaned to remove any dirt, or water buildup that may be visible in your listing. All windows should be spotless, removing all fingerprints. If you have wood floors that show footprints, make sure to ask the photographer to removes their shoes before entering the home.

          Fuzzy Friends

            For best results, all pets should be kept out of the way during the photoshoot. Dog bowls and toys should be removed and not visible in any areas of the house. Clear backyard of any waste, and use a lint roller for any pet hair that is visible on furniture. If possible, it is recommended to take your dog for a walk, or maybe a visit to the park while your photographer works.


              Online Curb Appeal


              Curb appeal is important. Buyers want not only the inside of the home to look nice, but also the exterior. The exterior of your home will be one of the first things a buyer will see when viewing the listing, so it is crucial that it is cleaned up and updated. The front yard is very important, but we can’t neglect the backyard.



                Stage Your Home Like A Model


                Before the photographer arrives, let in as much natural light as possible. Turn on every light in the house. Open up any blinds or curtains, and turn on all lamps and surface lights. If any light bulbs are out, replace them with the same bulbs as the rest of the house.



                  Just like all other areas of your home, declutter anything that is visible. Clear all countertops and get rid of any small appliances that are sitting out. Countertops should be as clear as possible. Make sure the sink is clear of any dirty dishes, and remove the trash can being visible. The outside of the refrigerator should be clear of all photos, drawing, magnets, etc.

                  Living Room

                    This should be the formal room in the house, so all furniture needs to be arranged appropriately. This room should create a comfortable space, somewhere the potential buyer can picture spending quality family time. Any coffee tables should be clear of any magazines and books as they often create clutter.

                    Family Room

                      The family room is usually the room with the most clutter, and small items because it is the space family spends most of their time. Clear out all TV remotes, CDs, DVDs and video games. Hide any electronic cords, and arrange them in a way that they can not be seen. Any kids toys should also be kept away, and out of sight.

                      Dinning Room

                        Make sure the dining table is cleaned off, and the chairs are arranged orderly around the table. Adding a nice centerpiece onto the table can bring beautiful elegance. You might consider adding a floral arrangement or a bowl of fresh fruit. All leftover plates/dishes should be removed. Sweep and mop the floor surrounding the table to remove any marks the chairs may have left.


                          Move everything that causes clutter out of the room. Don’t stuff everything under the bed in order to hide it because often the items can be viewed in the photo’s. With that being said, remove everything out of the room so keep the space as open as possible. In children’s rooms, decorations may need to be adjusted in order to make the space look more neutral, and welcoming to any child. Beds should be made professionally and looks inviting. Bedding should be cleaned, with no stains and pillows should look fluffy and nicely arranged at the head of the bed. Any items such as phone chargers, jewelry, and tissues on the nightstand should be cleared out.


                            In the bathroom, all countertops should be cleared of soap, toothbrushes, makeup, etc. In the shower/tub, all soaps, shampoos, washcloths should be removed as well. Garbage cans, bath-maths and scales should be moved out of the room. To finish it off, close the toilet lid, and hang freshly cleaned towels on the towel racks.